Gift Shop

Crafted by local Artisans, baby sweaters, woolen socks, hand painted items and framed photography, are a few of the treasures that you will find at the Hideaway Campground Gift Shop. Be sure to check out the Santa's on oyster shells.


Hand Painted Raccoon on a rock
Hand Knitted Baby Clothes at Hideaway Campground Gift Shop
Painted Saws and other unique gifts along the Cabot Trail

Hand painted Raccoon On Rock

Baby Sweater's and Bonnet's

Hand painted Saw Blades


Hand Painted Saws and other Nova Scotia Crafts
Baby Sweaters hand knitted in Cape Breton
Framed Artwork

Scenery Painted On Saw

Hand Knitted Baby Sweaters

Framed Scenery Pictures


Hand Knitted Clothes and Socks
Aspy Bay Hats
Santas painted on shells

Handmade Wool Socks & Hats

Aspy Bay Oyster Hats

Santa's On Oyster Shells


"Come As Strangers, Leave As Friends"